What are the best music-inspired games of all time?

Inspiration, you never know where it may come from or which way it goes.

While scientists have discovered the secret why we get our best ideas in the shower  , they are yet to explain how a smell, a touch or a sound can inspire masterpieces.

For example, video games. Here is our list of the best games inspired by music:

The Witcher 3

Just how spectacular the soundtrack for this game is, huh? That’s because the creators of the game, CD Projekt Red took folklore seriously and tried their best to recreate the legends, the stories, the characters and the sounds of the middle ages.

They even developed a one-of-a-kind instrument that was used a 1000 years ago.

The Witcher Music Game

Netent Unknown Masterpieces

Love them or hate them, casino operators are among the fastest adopters of technologies and creative companies overall. They quickly determine what the customer wants (live casino games online) and deliver it to them.

That led to a massive surge of music-inspired casino games – Guns N’ Roses slot, Jimi Hendrix slot, (more examples are available on this page) Operators understood that fans of the music bands and famous artists offer immense potential if only they create a good enough game.

I know I’m dying to know if a Beatles video slot will ever come out!

What about board games?

The last types I want to mention here is board games.

Less popular? Maybe.

But while their fans are less vocal, there are millions of them around the world. And such a wide range! Fantasy, sport, history, music. …Music? Yes, there are dozens.

For example, Rock Band Manager and Opera are two fantastic board games inspired by music. Must-have!

Opera Music Board Game