5 New Musical Groups on the Rise

It seems as though there is fresh talent hitting the music scene every day and yet, bands or groups are so often forgotten about. For the most part, it’s easy to understand why musical groups receive less press and it’s simply because more solo artist are out there and, as such, they take most of the limelight. However, there is also an array of impressive groups on the rise today and you may just get to love them. The following are just five new musical groups on the rise in today’s tough musical industry.

The Districts

One of the most impressive bands of late has to be the Districts. Now, the Districts have a great array of talent and all are young stars too. There is a nice cross-over of indie rock which gets most interested to say the least. There is a nice balance between blues and classic rock. Anyone who wants to enjoy a new-age band will adore the Districts.

The Carnabys

This up-and-coming group has been around since 2013 and has so much to prove. The Carnabys won the Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands, a very exclusive competition and they had some mean competition. However, the band was really a standout piece of the competition and won the hearts of many. The British band consists of five members—all from London—and it’s quite an unusual group. This isn’t regular pop; it’s more modernized with something very unique on board. The band is really on the up and up.

Girl Pool

Girl Pool is a US band. The band consists of two singers, two friends from LA and they love punk songs. However, Girl Pool is an up-and-coming band to say the least and they have a great edge to their tracks as well. The duo writes their own songs and opt for a modern sound as well. There is a 90’s feel to some songs which is great as it helps to draw more in.

Black Honey

Another amazing musical group on the rise has to be Black Honey. This is a wonderful group and certainly one that is winning hearts of many. The four piece band come from Brighton originally and have really taken the UK by storm. They have had some amazing songs and are fast becoming well appreciated in wider areas as well. This is certainly a group to watch out for.

The Bohicas

The record label Domino signed the Bohicas in 2013 and, ever since, they have been an unstoppable force. This is certainly an impressive band from East London and the Essex areas. Their music is quite rugged in a sense. You have a post-punk idea with some dark edges to it and that’s nice and quite impressive. This is truly a band that is on the rise and there is no stopping them. You are going to love their amazing vocals and excellent song writing.

Talent at Every Turn

Musical groups are fresh because, in recent years, you haven’t seen many bands hitting the mark and putting their stamp on the industry. The above bands are just a handful of the fresh talent coming to the forefront and there is no end in sight to the talent either. Embrace a new age of music and you will surely love music so much more.