Pokémon’s fever conquers the world of online games

The Pokémon brand is one of the most loved ever, able, over the years, to evolve, going from one form of entertainment to the other until you get to Pokémon GO, the most downloaded application of last summer.

Pokémon GO is based on a real hunt for the character inspired by a pastime that Satoshi Tajiri cultivated as a child: it seems that the inventor of one of the coolest series of the moment loved to go around in the fields to catch insects.

Launching the application of Niantic on the market was an excellent intuition for a giant that has always been able to adapt to the times dictating the laws of new trends.

What was the key to Pokémon GO’s success? Why has it turned out to be a game loved by both the 30s and the kids? According to the online gaming guide Edmm.ca, an element not to be underestimated to give a logical answer to this question is the nostalgia linked to the period of childhood that brought adult players to play with the characters of their favorite cartoons, immediately available on the smartphone display.

The game pushed the players out of the home to go outdoors to capture the characters, sometimes taking long distances.

Engaging to overcome the various levels of the game in such a way as to be able to conquer the virtual prizes offered was – and continues to be – an excellent tool for keeping body and mind in shape. Further factors not to be overlooked are the graphic level of the application (which, we recall, is available for free for the highly sophisticated Android and iOS operating systems), which is of excellent quality, and the deliberately simple language that constantly contributes to making the game very intuitive .

In the era dominated by online entertainment, the fever of Japanese anime and videogames has conquered not only the stores, as in the case of Pokémon GO, but also the most famous international gambling platforms: in the variety of online slots of William Hill, for example, you can find many cute characters from the fantasy world.

In this “enhancement” of cartoons and related products operated by the world gambling giant, there is no shortage of our beloved Pokémon that, in fact, we find spinning on the rollers of some famous online casinos in Canada. Not only that: next to Pikachu and friends we also find the most beloved super heroes of all time like the Fantastic 4, the timeless Spider-Man, Iron Man and the incredible Hulk.

The chance to try your luck in the company of the characters that have characterized the childhood makes sure that these slot machines are more clickable than others inspired by traditional themes and symbols such as fruit, colorful precious stones, gold bars and “Bar” writing “.

This is an interesting channel, both for online gaming sites and for brands used, which receive an increase in visibility in a field that, normally, would not be affected by them. Beyond the gain, it is anyway a good thing not to overlook the possible – perhaps inevitable – disputes related to the phenomenon of “sponsorship”: exploiting a well-known brand, such as Pokémon or famous comic book series, entice encouraging the latter’s fan to direct themselves towards a certain type of product, be it a simple object or, in the case of slots, online gaming.

Most of the day-to-day polemics involved in the videogame world are often groundless, but when it comes to mass phenomena, like Pokémon GO, even the silly questions end up turning into issues of some importance. If the strange “collaboration” between online gaming and the world of comics and games may seem an interesting phenomenon, the same question is whether one is not in some way providing journalists and related categories with a question that, indeed, seems more that lawful.

Waiting for further outcomes and news on the Pokémon series, we can only invite you to download on your smartphone Pokémon GO to challenge your friends by stimulating the healthy spirit of competition in each of us!…