Pokémon’s fever conquers the world of online games

The Pokémon brand is one of the most loved ever, able, over the years, to evolve, going from one form of entertainment to the other until you get to Pokémon GO, the most downloaded application of last summer.

Pokémon GO is based on a real hunt for the character inspired by a pastime that Satoshi Tajiri cultivated as a child: it seems that the inventor of one of the coolest series of the moment loved to go around in the fields to catch insects.

Launching the application of Niantic on the market was an excellent intuition for a giant that has always been able to adapt to the times dictating the laws of new trends.

What was the key to Pokémon GO’s success? Why has it turned out to be a game loved by both the 30s and the kids? According to the online gaming guide Edmm.ca, an element not to be underestimated to give a logical answer to this question is the nostalgia linked to the period of childhood that brought adult players to play with the characters of their favorite cartoons, immediately available on the smartphone display.

The game pushed the players out of the home to go outdoors to capture the characters, sometimes taking long distances.

Engaging to overcome the various levels of the game in such a way as to be able to conquer the virtual prizes offered was – and continues to be – an excellent tool for keeping body and mind in shape. Further factors not to be overlooked are the graphic level of the application (which, we recall, is available for free for the highly sophisticated Android and iOS operating systems), which is of excellent quality, and the deliberately simple language that constantly contributes to making the game very intuitive .

In the era dominated by online entertainment, the fever of Japanese anime and videogames has conquered not only the stores, as in the case of Pokémon GO, but also the most famous international gambling platforms: in the variety of online slots of William Hill, for example, you can find many cute characters from the fantasy world.

In this “enhancement” of cartoons and related products operated by the world gambling giant, there is no shortage of our beloved Pokémon that, in fact, we find spinning on the rollers of some famous online casinos in Canada. Not only that: next to Pikachu and friends we also find the most beloved super heroes of all time like the Fantastic 4, the timeless Spider-Man, Iron Man and the incredible Hulk.

The chance to try your luck in the company of the characters that have characterized the childhood makes sure that these slot machines are more clickable than others inspired by traditional themes and symbols such as fruit, colorful precious stones, gold bars and “Bar” writing “.

This is an interesting channel, both for online gaming sites and for brands used, which receive an increase in visibility in a field that, normally, would not be affected by them. Beyond the gain, it is anyway a good thing not to overlook the possible – perhaps inevitable – disputes related to the phenomenon of “sponsorship”: exploiting a well-known brand, such as Pokémon or famous comic book series, entice encouraging the latter’s fan to direct themselves towards a certain type of product, be it a simple object or, in the case of slots, online gaming.

Most of the day-to-day polemics involved in the videogame world are often groundless, but when it comes to mass phenomena, like Pokémon GO, even the silly questions end up turning into issues of some importance. If the strange “collaboration” between online gaming and the world of comics and games may seem an interesting phenomenon, the same question is whether one is not in some way providing journalists and related categories with a question that, indeed, seems more that lawful.

Waiting for further outcomes and news on the Pokémon series, we can only invite you to download on your smartphone Pokémon GO to challenge your friends by stimulating the healthy spirit of competition in each of us!…

What are the best music-inspired games of all time?

Inspiration, you never know where it may come from or which way it goes.

While scientists have discovered the secret why we get our best ideas in the shower  , they are yet to explain how a smell, a touch or a sound can inspire masterpieces.

For example, video games. Here is our list of the best games inspired by music:

The Witcher 3

Just how spectacular the soundtrack for this game is, huh? That’s because the creators of the game, CD Projekt Red took folklore seriously and tried their best to recreate the legends, the stories, the characters and the sounds of the middle ages.

They even developed a one-of-a-kind instrument that was used a 1000 years ago.

The Witcher Music Game

Netent Unknown Masterpieces

Love them or hate them, casino operators are among the fastest adopters of technologies and creative companies overall. They quickly determine what the customer wants (live casino games online) and deliver it to them.

That led to a massive surge of music-inspired casino games – Guns N’ Roses slot, Jimi Hendrix slot, (more examples are available on this page) Operators understood that fans of the music bands and famous artists offer immense potential if only they create a good enough game.

I know I’m dying to know if a Beatles video slot will ever come out!

What about board games?

The last types I want to mention here is board games.

Less popular? Maybe.

But while their fans are less vocal, there are millions of them around the world. And such a wide range! Fantasy, sport, history, music. …Music? Yes, there are dozens.

For example, Rock Band Manager and Opera are two fantastic board games inspired by music. Must-have!

Opera Music Board Game

Young and Talented

Every youngster dreams of singing on the big stage or acting alongside the famous Hollywood celebrities. It’s the dream most adults have too and yet, many don’t do anything to reach those dreams. For some, it’s a passing fantasy but for others, it’s the only thing that matters and sometimes starting off young is best. However, what should you do if you’re young and talents?

Harness the Talent

If you or your child has a great singing voice or plays an instrument well then it’s time to put that in the driving seat. This should be the focal point. You have to practice singing, dancing or playing an instrument. This will help to create a beautiful voice and that talent can carry your through your life. If you have a talent and are able to harness it, it can take you anywhere and you may become the next Whitney Houston, Jay-Z, or J-Lo.

Don’t Go Too Big Too Quickly

Musicians are widely loved and adorned but if you rush into things too fast, you’re heading for a fall. Now, for most aspiring singers and musicians, this isn’t what they want to hear but it’s important, otherwise it’s going to be a very tough old world that keeps knocking you down. You must get an idea as to how good your talents are. Enter into competitions and gig locally. Aiming for stardom isn’t bad but rushing at it too quickly is. Gauge your talents and you can succeed.

Get a Feel for Stardom

In all honesty, there have been hundreds of amazing young and talented people who have made amazing movies or had great careers in the music industry only to find it’s came all too quickly. The music industry in particular is hard and very grueling. There are new acts on a daily basis and for some, they rush into things and fail simply because they aren’t ready for what’s ahead. That is why you really have to think carefully before you act. Get to know what the music industry is all about and what roads you can take. Having someone talk to you who have gone through the same as you will be extremely important and will give you the knowledge you need to succeed.

What’s too Young?

Parents have to be extremely wary when it comes to their children and sometimes there has to be a limit. A lot of people love the idea of their children wanting to become a superstar and when they have the talent to do so, they are often reluctant to stop them. However, sometimes, children are too young to step out into the limelight and need to be more matured and understand the world they are stepping into. You really need to think about how your child will cope with the pressure of performing, even if it’s just small local gigs.

Being Talented Is Wonderful

If you’re good at something, that’s great and if you have a passion for that grab it with both hands and never let go. Sometimes, people, especially those who lack confidence and belief in themselves, need a little push to get them in the right direction. Musicians, actors, and dancers aren’t all headstrong and sometimes they need someone to point them in the right direction.

Check out this post for more informations and tips: http://www.backwoodsjupiter.com/up-and-coming-musicians/

Up-And-Coming Musicians

The music industry has really changed since the days of Motown and the greats such as Elvis Pressley, James Brown, and the Temptations and yet, it isn’t always for the best. While it’s true that music and tastes change, it’s difficult to say goodbye to those greats because there truly won’t ever be people like them again. There can be artists who copy their style and who even come close to their vocals but will never be them. Today’s music scene is quite unusual to say the least but it really is a lot easier to break into this industry. However, for many up-and-coming musicians who don’t have any experience in this field, it’s wise to get to know a few things about breaking in.

A Good Song with a Simplistic Video Will Get People Talking

If you turn on the radio or music channels, you instantly see a hundred new faces hitting the screens with their tunes. But how many of them are one-hit wonders? The truth is that many great musicians and singers are forgotten about simply because they don’t have the edge over their rivals. This is a real issue and for most, it’s causing them to rethink their break into the music industry. So, the first thing that is very wise to consider would have to be a music video. Now, be warned you don’t need to go over-the-top and have something which is full of smut and rubbish dancing. Your vocals and instruments are the focal point so make them. Create a great video that is simple so that your talents shine through. If you create a video which is controversial then people will talk for all the wrong reasons.

Social Media Is a Must

If you make a recording of your vocals or musical abilities it’s time you get them out there for the world to see. Social media is going to be the number one platform that gets you noticed. Don’t say it can’t happen because there have already been a number of everyday musicians who’ve recorded their vocals, placed on YouTube and other social media outlets and have found stardom. It can happen for you too but don’t believe it’s an overnight success story. You have to work hard and showcase your talents from all angles and to the best of your abilities. The great thing about using social media is that it really doesn’t have to cost you anything to promote yourself.

Have a Niche

Many aspiring singers, songwriters and musicians aren’t really sure which direction they should take with their music and yet it’s an important element. It’s a basic component in almost every industry and without it, you can easily get lost. However, just because you start off as a jazz singer, that doesn’t mean to say you always have to be a jazz singer. Until you break into the industry, however, it would be wise to have a niche so your talents are well known and appreciated.

Be the Best You Can Be

Up-and-coming musicians offer real potential but there are one or two mistakes most make. Many upcoming musicians stand up and say they want to be the next so and so, or want to be like their icon; while that’s nice, it’s not always the best thinking. You are your own person and as such you want to be unique so you’re noticed for the right reasons. Be the best you can be and become a great and fresh musician.

Check out this link for more informations: http://www.forbes.com/sites/zackomalleygreenburg/2016/11/30/the-worlds-highest-paid-musicians-of-2016/#6647f14af411

5 New Musical Groups on the Rise

It seems as though there is fresh talent hitting the music scene every day and yet, bands or groups are so often forgotten about. For the most part, it’s easy to understand why musical groups receive less press and it’s simply because more solo artist are out there and, as such, they take most of the limelight. However, there is also an array of impressive groups on the rise today and you may just get to love them. The following are just five new musical groups on the rise in today’s tough musical industry.

The Districts

One of the most impressive bands of late has to be the Districts. Now, the Districts have a great array of talent and all are young stars too. There is a nice cross-over of indie rock which gets most interested to say the least. There is a nice balance between blues and classic rock. Anyone who wants to enjoy a new-age band will adore the Districts.

The Carnabys

This up-and-coming group has been around since 2013 and has so much to prove. The Carnabys won the Hard Rock Rising Global Battle of the Bands, a very exclusive competition and they had some mean competition. However, the band was really a standout piece of the competition and won the hearts of many. The British band consists of five members—all from London—and it’s quite an unusual group. This isn’t regular pop; it’s more modernized with something very unique on board. The band is really on the up and up.

Girl Pool

Girl Pool is a US band. The band consists of two singers, two friends from LA and they love punk songs. However, Girl Pool is an up-and-coming band to say the least and they have a great edge to their tracks as well. The duo writes their own songs and opt for a modern sound as well. There is a 90’s feel to some songs which is great as it helps to draw more in.

Black Honey

Another amazing musical group on the rise has to be Black Honey. This is a wonderful group and certainly one that is winning hearts of many. The four piece band come from Brighton originally and have really taken the UK by storm. They have had some amazing songs and are fast becoming well appreciated in wider areas as well. This is certainly a group to watch out for.

The Bohicas

The record label Domino signed the Bohicas in 2013 and, ever since, they have been an unstoppable force. This is certainly an impressive band from East London and the Essex areas. Their music is quite rugged in a sense. You have a post-punk idea with some dark edges to it and that’s nice and quite impressive. This is truly a band that is on the rise and there is no stopping them. You are going to love their amazing vocals and excellent song writing.

Talent at Every Turn

Musical groups are fresh because, in recent years, you haven’t seen many bands hitting the mark and putting their stamp on the industry. The above bands are just a handful of the fresh talent coming to the forefront and there is no end in sight to the talent either. Embrace a new age of music and you will surely love music so much more.

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